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How It Works

Play the Ladders is an activity generator, which means you will earn points for each challenge match you play, and each match you propose and accept.  You play matches that best fit your schedule, and wherever courts you and your opponent find convenient.  The more you play, the more points you earn and climb the ladder.  By not playing, your ranking will fall. The ladder rankings change weekly depending on the matches played and points earned.  You will earn points each match you play – win or lose.  New rankings will be updated every Sunday.  Players can view their updated rank online every Monday.


Once the season begins, you log into your account and either Propose a Match or Accept a Proposal that is already in the system. You can also Challenge a Player / Accept Challenges.


Propose a Match

To Propose a Match, click on the “Propose” button. Enter the date, time and location of the match. Then click “Propose”. If there is a guest fee at the proposed venue, please note the fee next to the location. Your entry should look like the following;


02/21/23 09:00am    Site Location: Lifetime Fitness ($5 fee)


Very important to enter this information accurately. If you do not enter a time or the time is entered incorrectly, it will default to 12:00am. Please make sure you include am/pm and check for accuracy before hitting “Propose”.


Once you propose a match, an email will automatically be sent to all players on the ladder with your proposal information.


Accept a Proposal

Players on the ladder can accept matches by clicking on the link in the proposal emails received or by logging into their account and clicking on the “Proposals” tab and accepting the match from there. Once you “Accept a Proposal”, it’s good practice to reach out to your opponent (via phone, text or email) stating that you have accepted their proposal. This is a good opportunity to confirm the details of your match as well (date, time, location, fees).



Challenge a Player / Accept Challenges

Players on the ladder can also choose to challenge specific players, if desired. You can challenge a player by clicking the “Challenge” button next to the player’s name. Once you challenge a player, an email will be sent to that player stating you want to challenge them. They can accept or reject the challenge. If a player accepts your challenge, you will be notified by email. You will then need to contact them with the match details (date, time, location, fees). Players will not be penalized for rejecting a challenge.






To register, please fill out the Registration Form below or found on the Home Page - all required fields must be complete.  You may sign up for as many ladders as you’d like. The registration fee for the season is $15 per player.


Once you have completed the registration form, you will be taken to a secure payment site where you can pay via Paypal or credit card.  Once you’ve paid, you will receive an email confirming receipt of payment. Once payment is received, an email will be sent with instructions on how to set up your account.


 *Please note, you are not “Active” on the roster until payment has been received*


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