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Rules of the Game


  • Match Play: Matches are the best 2 out of 3 games played to 11, you must win by 2. Switch sides after each game.


  • Scoring: Scores are to be reported online by the winning player or team within 24 hours of the completion of the match. The other player or team should confirm during this 24 hour period that the scores were accurately entered into the system.


  • Serving/Side Selection: At the beginning of the match you and your opponent can spin a paddle or flip a coin with the winner deciding whether they would like to serve or return first. Once this is decided, the other player or team gets to choose the side they want to start on.


  • Supplying Balls: The player or team that proposes the match or challenges supplies the balls. It’s good practice that both players or teams bring a small pack of balls with them to the match. Balls are not required to be new, but they must be adequate for play. Balls should not be excessively worn, misshapen, or cracked. If you are playing indoors, you must play with indoor balls.


  • USAPA Rules: All USAPA Rules will apply unless otherwise stated. (Note: These matches are set up for fun competitive play, so please use good sportsmanship and fair player discretion in all matches.)


To view a full list of the rules and guidelines set forth by the USAPA, please visit the following link;


  • Forfeits: It is automatically considered a forfeit if you are; more than 15 minutes late to your match or a “no show”. The player or team that is forfeiting receives no points for the match. The opposing player or team receives all points and will be considered as the winner of that match. The match score will be entered as (11-0, 11-0, 11-0). When entering the score, you will need to check the “Default” box on the match score screen. We understand there are emergencies and that things do happen unexpectedly. However, we must be fair and considerate of everyone’s time. If you need to cancel or reschedule a match, please contact your opponent right away (Call or Text is the best and quickest way to reach someone). Any cancellations within 24 hours of the match, your opponent has the right to declare a forfeit if they cannot reschedule. Any reports of a player or team regularly forfeiting, PTL may request that player or team to withdraw.


  • Retiring: If someone gets injured during the match and the match cannot be completed, the opposing player or team will complete the score by winning the rest of the games. You must enter the score for all games, this cannot be incomplete. For example; If you have to end the match and you've only played one game (and won), then the score for the two remaining games will be entered as 11-0, 11-0. If you have to end the match and you've only played one game (and you've lost the fist game), then the remaining games will be entered as 11-0, 11-0, 11-0.  Do not check the “Default” box – this box is for forfeits only.


  • Inclement Weather or other uncontrollable factors: Any match interrupted by inclement weather, darkness or if you are bumped off a court, will need to be rescheduled as soon as possible. You will need to write down the score of the game at the time you had to stop. You will pick up the match where that score was left off. Be sure to write this information down (sending it in a TEXT message is best for your records) so there is no disputes and/or misunderstanding.


  • Adult League: This is an adult league. You must be 18 years of age or older to play. 


  • Personal Information: Email addresses and phone numbers are supplied for Ladder play ONLY —contacting anyone for non-ladder purposes is strictly prohibited. 


  • Misconduct: This league is designed to be a fun and safe place for all. Any action or behavior that is deemed detrimental to the league will result in that player being removed from the league without refund, at the ladder admin’s discretion.


  • Additional Glossary of Terms under Resources tab.


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